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The best application to make money from the Internet by phone via the game My Idle Plants 2022

My Idle Plants is the best application to make money from the Internet by phone, it is the best application to profit from the Internet as one of the successful applications that belong to the company BigBig Cash known for its honest applications.

The nice thing about such apps is that the way to work and earn money is very easy, relying on playing only one game, collecting points, and then converting them into dollars.

If you are looking for a real and honest application in profit from games, I advise you, my friend, to download the best application to make money from the Internet by phone MyIdlePlants, and with a simple effort, you can withdraw your first dollars in the field of profit from applications.

So follow this article with us to get acquainted with the smallest details of the game, and do not forget to watch the video until you understand well in practice how to play in this application.


Best App to Make Money from the Internet My Idle Plants

My Idle can be considered the best money-making app that is based solely on the play, and it is a simple and fun game that at the same time takes advantage of points that will be redeemed in dollars.

So what you have to do my friend is click on the download link of the app at the bottom of this article, then start playing and enjoying your time and withdraw your winnings to your PayPal or Bayer account.


Ways to profit from the best application to profit from the Internet MyIdlePlants

My friend can earn points in one of the best My Plants making apps in three ways, which we will explain to you in detail as follows:

The first method: Immediately after you enter the best application to make money, you will be shown a vase planted with a small plant.

What you have to do is quickly press the place of the vase until it is sprayed with water and the plant begins to grow, and the sooner you press, the more water will continue to descend heavily on the plant until it grows quickly.

At the same time, you will notice the movement of a green bar at the top, when it reaches the gift on the right you will earn points.

The second method: Rotate the wheel, an entertaining game based on luck, from which you can earn points, pink jewels, or tools to accelerate the growth of the plant.

The third method: above the profile box you will find a second box that appears in the form of a message, if you click on it you will win some points, and you can re-click on it after two hours.


How to activate the checkout box

After you enter my friend’s best app to earn dollars My Idle Plants you will find that the withdrawal box is not available. So the app’s administrators set conditions that you must complete, and immediately after that, you’ll see the checkout box. These conditions are as follows:

First Condition: Registration in the application
You must my friend register in the app to fulfill the first condition, and registering as you know is very easy through Google or Facebook.

Second condition: Rotate the wheel
The best money-making app My-Idle-Plants requires you to spin the wheel of fortune 6 times in a row, you will see a short ad whenever you rotate the wheel. It should continue to rotate again and again until the required number is completed (6 times).

Third Condition: Earning the Gift
My friend will press the location of the vase, and the plant will be sprayed with water to grow.

This will make the green bar turn towards the gift. If you want to get to the gift quickly, you can use some tools that speed up the growth of the plant and you will find it on the left.


Withdrawal method in an honest application to make money My Idle Plants

After you have fulfilled all three conditions, you’ll notice that the checkout box appears below the profile box. When you click on them, the most important of which are PayPal and Payeer will appear.

For PayPal, the minimum withdrawal amount is $1, you can reach it if you earn 10,000 points. Pierre is the same as the minimum withdrawal amount is $1, and you’ll get it if you collect 11,000 points.


Make money by inviting friends
You can also make money by inviting friends after you share the best app to make money from your phone My Idle via various social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter…).

The app will give you 100 points on each friend’s invitation after your friend writes down your referral code.

Download here

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